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A Coach for Trained and Touring Singers - Offered Program

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Contact for more information!

Payment is $220 for 4 weeks/one month.

Please read the following information sheet and if interested, e-sign below and return via email.

ACTTS Goal: to help you build a healthy vocal routine *on the road* or at home; to keep you motivated and accountable to your own vocal-lifestyle practices.

They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit stick. This program is for performers like you who want to build healthy vocal habits in order to keep your instrument strong and ready for any and every performance. You will be able to use these daily/weekly tools while you are on tour, performing nonstop locally or even when taking some time off to recoup.

This is a video program with pre-recorded vocal coaching videos created to be like you're in a lesson. At first, these pre-recorded videos would be exactly what we would work on for the first semester (2-3 months) to build vocal strength, proper breath support AND how to transfer these skills into your songs/performances. We will create a personalized healthy vocal routine, then we will work on goals.

These videos will be in sets (not sent all at once) for you to have 1-3 days to get familiar with them. Each set leads to the next set; they work together. The goal would be to master each set before moving on. Even if it seems easy they will build, get harder and push your skills with each set. Just like lifting weights, even if we are strong, we want to make sure we are doing things well and properly so we can progress and not hurt ourselves.

I will send you the pre-recorded exercise videos on a schedule, unless you tell me to slow down so you have more time to focus on the ones you are working on.

I will research the best exercises/training tutorials/blogs for you to work through any issues you are dealing with on or off stage and add them to an “EXTRA, EXTRA The More You Know, Vocally” GoogleSheets page.

I will ask you to send me videos of you doing these exercises so I can send personalized notes on things you can keep working toward and thinking about. You can also send me videos or an email any time if you have specific questions and I will respond either in written, audio or video format. As the program progresses into the month we will connect about what kind of videos you'd like for your goals.

I will check in several times throughout the week to see if you have questions and make sure you're on track. I will be available to chat via text or email anytime. If needed, we can schedule a call, FaceTime or Zoom to help with how to do the exercise properly or if there are vocal questions to address.

Things to consider:

*I will not be there physically to push you. Ultimately, it is up to you to do the work. I will give you the tools to help make your voice stronger and check in to motivate you and keep you on track, but the rest is up to you. If you are ready to put in the work, let’s do this!

*There are no refunds. You signing up is a commitment. Make sure you are ready to follow through with this. Just like with exercise or lifting weights..building better habits takes time, consistency and dedication for these practices to stick.

*Payment is monthly - 4 weeks/one month - $220

Once paid you are locked in to work on strengthening your voice, no refunds. YOU GOT THIS!!

*This program is designed for vocalists who have some background in singing and want to keep on track. I recommend at least a few weeks of in person (online) voice lessons before this program.

Overview/Recap - things to understand about YOU! and this program:

At the beginning of each of the 4 weeks I will be sending a set of full vocal exercises to do daily along with a brief description of what to focus on for each exercise. Your main goal will be to NOT just sing along. Singing along won’t get you where you want to be. You must be intentional to see results. Take the time to think, feel, hear and experiment with your voice when working on these exercises.

Be patient. Everyday you could experience a new version of your voice. (This is the fun and frustration of working with the most natural instrument). Your voice could be affected by sleep, stress, allergies, what we eat, not enough water, name it, it will most likely affect your voice. And affect it differently each day. That’s normal. These are the days to not worry so much about how we sound but more about how we are supporting the sound.

Stretch, don’t strain. Never push to a place where your voice hurts. If it hurts, stop. Only you can decide if it’s hurting or if it’s helping. If the exercise doesn’t work well for you, let me know right away so I can switch it up with a different one. Or so we can talk about the exercise and make sure you are finding the correct placement. Very important to be honest about this. Pain is NOT gain in this situation.

Tools are tools. They are your guide only. Feel free to experiment with different ways to create your voice. Don’t be afraid to make new, weird and interesting sounds. It’s not about sounding “good” when you do these vocal exercises. It’s about becoming in tune with your voice and learning what it’s capable of. Then you can start to introduce these new skills you’ve discovered to the songs you are working on. Practice letting go of what you think is “good” and develop stronger skills for supporting those vocally energized moments on stage.

Consistency matters, even if it seems easy. If an exercise seems too easy for you, look deeper. I challenge you to lean into the exercise more. Experiment with dynamics, how long you can sing the exercise before needing to take a breath, how focused the sound is or intentionally make the sound breathy without losing the clarity of the your voice while looking in the mirror and record yourself doing these exercises. Find if there are any skills to strengthen. (ask me if you can’t think of any..I will give you an infinite list to think about:)

Last and maybe the most important. If your voice needs a day off. Take it. Listen to your voice and body. Best thing you can do for your voice is get good rest/sleep when you need it. Your voice will thank you now and love you later. One day of pure rest every week or every few days can and will make your voice stronger when you need it most.

Make sure this is what you want!

Who I am as a vocal/music coach:

I'm classically trained in Opera, recital music and Lieder song. I trained from a serious and strict classical background but I don't teach like that. If you are looking for structure like a classical music teacher, I probably won't be your vibe. But! If you want to be encouraged and learn a crap ton of tools to keep your voice healthy and how to transfer "classical" health into singing contemporary music like Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston or any pop/rock/funk/soulful genre..I'm your gal, I got you! ^This is what my videos will be like.^

Program breakdown

First month:

Video set: 4 Breathing videos

Video set: 6 Warm ups videos

Video set: Connecting exercises to your songs - vowel work, arch to end of your phrase

Video set: Strength and Endurance Vocal Training Exercise/s

Video set: Specific to your goals and curiosities about what your voice is capable of.

Google Sheets: Extra, Extra researched videos/tutorials to keep you motivated

EXTRA, EXTRA - The More You Know Vocally: a Google Sheets with researched Youtube videos/blogs/TedTalks, etc. for bonus exercises.

Goal oriented exercises catered to your desired vocal growth

(ei: range, power, harmonies, mic technique, screamo)

Understanding the Vocal Anatomy

Strength training videos for your core support

And more...

Contact: or text (phone number given to those who sign up)

Please sign and return if you’d like to sign up for this program.

Signature: ____________________________________________Date:_______________

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