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Online Music Lesson Information


Welcome to the student gallery.


Online Music and Vocal Confidence Coaching

beginner, intermediate and advanced - ages 8-100+


For 25+ years, I've coached all levels of talent, ages 5-80+. I've worked with nonprofit organizations like Youth Frontiers, INC (17 years) and She Rock She Rock (15 years), both dedicated to character and encouraging our young leaders through music. I've been a full time performer, touring and recording artist for over 25 years.


Music is my life and I love inspiring others to find joy and personal pride through this art.


I have 3 coaching goals: we learn healthy self talk, healthy musical lifestyle habits, and we work hard! Oh, and a fourth rule that's a given - we have lots of fun!


Lessons available:

voice, audition prep, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, music theory, songwriting, recording, band coaching, working through performance nerves and anxiety, building physical stage confidence, and courses for new and current music teachers to build a stronger music studio. 




"Debra empowered me with the skills and confidence to sing. I approached Debra for voice lessons after my sister asked me to perform a song at her wedding. Debra's energy and thoughtful coaching helped me elevate my singing to new heights and create a memory for me and my sister that I will cherish forever. I found this experience incredibly rewarding and I continue to work with Debra to discover my own voice for all of my favorite songs!" -- Tom, vocal student


You always taught me to be myself and encouraged me in so many ways and I am grateful. -- Whitney, former student who reached out asking for advice on her current music career.

Thank you for always making the safe space in our lessons to have room for singing, talking, practicing and processing. This I have not realized how much a growth period this truly is for me and always take what I can from others to learn and implement the best of my findings. Thank you again for being that teacher, I'm so grateful for you!!! -- Naomi, student

Wooooof!  This morning was great. I had a moment of insight on the way into the Cities. I heard how much better my voice sounds when I sing with internal calm & not just outward, projected calm. I sound so much better just "fancy talking" rather than over embellishing, in my lounge singer voice. I understand how much better it sounds when I do not over enunciate & let it kinda trail off.... - ish, instead of hard consonants. It was goooooood! 👍 Gretchen, vocal student


"Thanks for helping E to get organized, she has her folders already to go and she has been practicing Titanium every day. You are Evelyn’s 3rd piano teacher and the only one she ever clicked with.  I know most of it is your style but she also really loves doing online lessons (and so do I since it’s one less place to drive her to). Anyways, I’d love the opportunity to sing your praises along with the pros of online lessons." -- Marie, parent

“Having a lifelong dream to sing, I also had a great fear and embarrassment about it.  Debra took me where I was at in my singing and through her patience and diligence; I developed a confidence and excitement for my singing.  now I know I can pursue my dreams of singing.” Matt, vocal student

"As a late in life aspiring musician Debra provided a positive yet honest vocal assessment. My range, sweet spot, best keys were identified..breath, vowel placement and pitch recognition were introduced and practiced. Through Debra’s consistent mentoring I had enough confidence to join a can’t hide fifteen member gospel choir and step into vocals with jamming friends. Debra’s innate musical talent, formal training, great teaching skills and positive vibe will certainly drive my musical journey as a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter to a better place. For both beginners or musicians with patina I can attest…she’s the best." -- Tracy, vocal student


"Just a quick note of gratitude. Your kind mentorship for [my son] makes my heart so very happy. He is growing on so many levels and I am grateful that you are a part of it!" -- Mel, parent

"I watched the lesson with my son and just wanna say, YOU ARE SO AWESOME !!!! I will work on these with him this week as much as I can…He is a good kid and I see him in this space truly digging deep and wanting it so bad. I belive he has natural talent but he is no stranger to putting in the work and no matter how good he or anyone starting out may be, if you don't know how to sing you will shred your voice in a two years or less ESPECIALLY with how much emotion he pushes out... I absolutely love the way you teach, he is so excited !!!! Thank you thank you thank you 🍻 cheers !!!!" -- Melissa, parent



Your energy and enthusiasm is so awesome.  Thank you so much for cheering your guts out for our kid.  We adore her, but it means so so much to have other adults (whom she thinks are way cooler than us) telling her she is awesome.  Being a teenager right now is no picnic (never was, of course).  You have been a clear and consistent bright spot. So grateful for you!" -- Ethie, parent

"She is fun and amazing!! She makes me laugh all the time even when I'm supposed to be serious. lol  I've learned more from Debra and have grown more in 7 months than I did in years with my previous vocal coach!!" -- Carolyn, student

"Something I’ve realized is how much I do live in very tense and sometimes crippling anxiety; which in turn completely affects my voice.  Singing with you and learning has brought me so much more confidence.  I am beginning to believe more in my abilities, but I know when my mental prowess is not confident, is when my singing becomes dramatically effected.  Thank you for your creativity, support and belief.  I really do appreciate it." Adult student

"I just wanted to send some kudos your way.  Your energy and enthusiasm is amazing.  Seemingly no kids like lessons, but both [our kids] are always happy after their lessons, which is really a testament to you! So thank you!" -- JJ, parent

Hi! Just a note to say that YOU ROCK! [My daughter] is in her room.singing and playing keys. It happens several times every week without one word of reminding or nagging from me ... because she loves it (and you)! -- Lisa, parent


"The music director [of Matilda] ... told me that [my daughter] was the best at projecting her voice in the entire 37-person cast (which included many teens). That started with you and your training! You are a gardener and your students bloom everywhere!"  -- Karla, parent

"It [the piano lesson] was amazing. [Debra G] is such a good fit for our daughter!! She was literally beaming when we left." -- Alison, parent

"What a great night! [Our kids] love having you as their teacher. Thank you for your amazing energy and positive spirit! We are so grateful for you!!!" -- Christina and JJ, parents

"We are so proud of our daughter, too!! I was surprised that she just went for it!!! ... Voice lessons with you has [sic] really brought a new level of confidence forward for her. It just melts my heart. THANK YOU so much for bringing that out in her. I told my husband that I wish I would have had a Debra in my life when I was [my daughter's] age! Overall, that was a GREAT recital! Such talent, bravery and hard work!!! Thank you a million times (or dreams) over." -- Allison, parent

"I was very moved, listening to [my son], because he put his heart in it. I am so happy that he can express his sensitivities through music. I was amazed by your different students, because you let every kid be himself/herself. We saw very different personalities, with distinctive talents. Bravo to the teacher you are. Not only [do] you love teaching, but you love the individuals we entrust you with." -- Myriam, parent

"Debra G is a ray of sunshine, full of charisma! Her passion and enthusiasm for music shines through in every lesson. Debra has a way about her that brings excitement to learning and enjoying what music means to each individual. She has taught our daughter not only voice and piano, but also how to feel the music and that it is a whole body experience. Every lesson is full of joy!" -- Aaron and Stephanie, parents

"It's really fun to be at each class. I love learning new songs and dancing with Debra. I'm always excited to go and do all of the activities and songs she things of." -- Student

"... Debra was able to provide piano instruction in a way that was educational, fun and age appropriate for our 5 year old. Fast forward two years, [and] our daughter continues to love going to lessons with Debra ... Debra was on top of [our daughter's reluctance to practice] and managed to introduce some fun incentives and some pretty fantastic words of encouragement and our daughter is back to playing multiple times a day without any pestering from us. Debra is kind, warm, [and] approachable but also has the perfect amount of humor ... We love her open mindedness to playing fun music in a way that doesn't detract from learning the theory and technique that are the foundations for learning." -- Sahar, parent

"I think Debra is a good person to talk to. She is fun and is good at searching for pieces of music she knows I will like. She encourages daily practice which I do, usually. She notices when I don't practice enough and helps me get back on track. Sometimes when I get really good at a piece and she knows I've worked really hard, she says things to me that make me feel really proud." -- Student

"Debra is a one-of-a-kind teacher and human. I could always carry a tune, but I came to Debra to learn how to use my voice as an instrument. While teaching me that she also taught me to be proud of the aspects of my voice that I thought were the weakest and to let them shine. She helped this introvert find the confidence to get up on stage and sing her heart out. And we laugh... lessons with Debra are just plain FUN!!" -- Tracy, adult student

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