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A “top 5 things to keep doing” list for social media

Here's a “top 5 things to keep doing” list in order to get your music heard and content seen. You got this!

1. Post a short clip everyday - even if it’s the same thing. New peeps will see it and other peeps will be reminded to keep supporting. People need a daily reminder that you are there.

2. When posting include something like “send this to the person who means the most to you” or “ever felt like____” something that connects them to an emotion to keep listening and relating and saving/sharing.

3. When starting off don’t focus on how many likes you can get in one day but keep coming up with new ways to excite new fans. It takes time to get noticed in a saturated world. Create new music videos and shorts that draw folks in. And occasionally add a personal touch so fans can connect with you for who YOU are.

4. Haters will throw hate even when they don’t actually hate. The first troll will be very hard to read and let go of. It will feel like anyone who supported you is lying or just being nice and the trolls words are now all you think about. Even if there’s 100 supporters and 1 troll, if you allow the troll to win, the other 100 supporters will miss out on your love, passion and strength to persevere (keep going). Don’t respond, block, erase - do what you need to to move forward and laugh in the face of the yuck. Immediately practicing not letting them have control over your thoughts will eventually lead to you not caring about their opinions. Let your supporters stand up for you!

5. Keep making stronger and more exciting art-for YOU. Set goals to release a new song or new version of an old song monthly or bi-monthly so you have new content to pump on social. Be true to who you are and what you love and remember why you love it. Focus on what makes you proud and happy. Never change your focus because someone said something to you unless YOU want to. People are going to suggest, criticize, give unwanted feedback..every ear is different, every ear thinks they know best but the only one who does is YOU and those you've chosen to trust with your passion. Listen to what you want to and let the rest go because your opinion is the only opinion that matters when it comes to making art. Art is art for a reason.

Think of this as a business, a full time career. This means you are always working and creating - best part is it’s something you love and most can’t say they have a career doing something they love. Dive in and don’t stop. We learn by discovery and making mistakes along the way. This is a normal part of building your empire.

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