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DG Music Coaching - Cancellation/Make-Up & Payment Policy

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I'm excited to start this next semester with you!

My time is valuable and so is yours. Teaching is my livelihood. My career.

Here are some expectations outside of lessons to be respectful of everyone’s time.

Please date and sign your name stating that you agree to this policy below (E-sign is fine)

Student Name:___________________________

Date:______________Signature:______________________________________(Parent or Adult)

Send this signed copy to

*Payment is due before the first lesson of the semester. If not received, we may have to cancel lessons until payment is received. I may cancel lessons last minute if payment is late. There are no refunds for missed lessons. We can discuss a payment plan.

*Payment is tuition for the semester, like with sports or a college class. I will not be able to reimburse for missed lessons or reimburse you if you decide to cancel your remaining lessons for the semester.

*Day of or week of cancellations can NOT be made up. If by chance I have an opening that same week I may offer it to you. This will be based on my studio time available. If there aren’t any openings in my schedule, we will not be able to make up for this last minute cancellation.

*All other cancellations that you communicate to me at least a week in advance can only be made up if there’s time available in my studio schedule throughout the semester. I will do what I can to offer a make-up lesson. This would only be if another student is planning to be absent. I can’t guarantee we will be able to make up for any missed lessons due to my full studio schedule.

*If you have a conflict, please let me know a week or more in advance. The more time you give me notice, the more likely we will be able to find a slot open to make up for any missed lessons.

*If we schedule a make-up lesson and you are not able to be at this lesson, then the missed lesson can no longer be made up.

*If I need to cancel due to sickness, etc., I will do what I can to find time for us to have a makeup lesson.

Please sign and email me with questions. Thank you!

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