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Cancellations/Make-Up Lessons/Payment Policy 2024

Updated: Feb 12

Coach Debra G: Music and Confidence Coaching Policy

This policy is important. Please read through!

This policy is to keep us on the same page and be respectful of our busy schedule.

Please do your best to follow the instructions of this policy below.

Thank you - I look forward to creating music with you!

*A payment is due before the first lesson of the semester. I may cancel lessons last minute if payment is not received before the first lesson. Payment plans are available. If you use a payment plan, you agree to pay in full for all the lessons you signed up for by the dates we both agreed on - on the honor system. Payment options: Venmo, PayPal, ApplePay and Zelle

*Payment is tuition for the semester, like with a college class or sport. Payment rates may increase each school year or by semester to follow the rate of inflation. There are no refunds for missed lessons, and no refunds if you cancel the remaining lessons you signed up for.

*Please text me if you have any issues getting on your link or if you will be late. Phone number will be in your ROCKSTAR log. If I don’t see or hear from you within the first 5 minutes of our lesson, I will reach out via text, email or social media DM to remind you. If I don't hear back or no one shows up within 15 minutes from the start of our lesson, I will close the Zoom link and assume the student will not be joining. No show lessons will not be able to be made up. Please out of respect for my time, let me know if you will not be attending our lesson, even if it's last minute. Thank you in advance!

*Day of cancellations can NOT be made up. Week of cancellations - if I have an opening that same week, I will offer it to you. This will be based on my open studio time available. If there aren’t any openings in my schedule, we will not be able to make up this ‘week of’ cancellation.

*All other cancellations/conflicts - please try to communicate these to me at least a week or more in advance. I will do what I can to offer you a make-up lesson time. I can’t guarantee we will be able to make up for any missed lessons due to my full studio schedule. If you decide you’d rather skip the lesson, that is your choice - no refunds for missed lessons.

*If we reschedule the lesson and the student is not able to be at this make-up lesson, then the missed lesson can no longer be rescheduled.

*Online Hours:


Open: 10:30 AM CST/11:30 AM EST
Close: 8 PM CST/9 PM EST

By signing up and paying for lessons you agree to this policy.

Email with questions anytime:

Thank you - see you soon!

Coach Debra G

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