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First Day of School 2021 and beyond....

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL I have something to say…

As a private music teacher..I see that this current way of life has created a whole new, exciting way to reach out to students. Some teachers are excited to teach in person and will stay that way, you rock! Some now prefer to teach online and will stay this way, like me. We rock!

I don’t care how you decide to teach. In person or online, both are bringing joy and knowledge. No matter what, you will learn music.

Me personally, I’ve had more success with my kiddos/adults taking lessons at home online. Yes, in person was successful. But, something happened when we were forced to be home and online.

After a few months of lessons online, I had a couple of my students’ parents email me saying that their kiddos were singing/playing for 30 minutes - an hour after our lesson or practicing more than they have in the past. One mentioned that it was because they weren’t traveling home that they didn’t lose interest/get tired on the way back.

I started to see my students showing up with their “assignments” (rockwork) not only done but with more to show me..things that they learned on their own and were excited to “teach” me.

Music is love, it’s apart of our life and brings so much JOY. Whether in person or online…teachers will give everything they have to make sure you get what you need to succeed and have fun!!

To all the teachers starting a new semester, new year..I am so thankful for you. Thankful for your patience, sacrifice, care, kindness, love, thoughtfulness, positivity, the fear you feel with or without COVID, the dedication, drive, empathy, sympathy, tears you will secretly have behind closed doors, your fight, willingness to never give up on that matter WHAT. You have a big first day. I’m (we are) thinking about you.

To all my students..You got this. I’m proud of you. We’re proud of you. This world is proud of you. Have a blast! I can’t wait for the world (big or small) to hear your voice. To watch you grow. We got you, no matter what!! No one is giving up on you. EVER.

Welcome back to school ya’ll!! The hope is you ALL have the best first day and best school year EVER!!!!!!!!!

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