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Love yourself even more when you do fail.

To all those who are struggling with a first time performance/karaoke or stage or the first time you've ever felt you "failed" in a performance setting. You are NOT alone. It's apart of having a passion and putting yourself out there. Being extremely vulnerable.

You will succeed when you become a master at accepting failure.

We've probably heard this said in many ways, many times throughout our lives. We can do everything to prepare us for those moments. But how we will feel when it actually happens, we can't prepare for that until we actually go through it. And in my opinion, until we go through it more than a few times.

Every time will be a little different and some will be harder than others. There's nothing like the feeling that your whole life just flashed before your eyes and you can never leave your house again because of your performance.

The best practice is to be supportive with your words toward yourself and others, and love yourself even more when you do fail.

Finding a way to positively deal with failure when it happens will make it easier for the inevitable future failures to come. Plus, in my experience the audience will connect to you and your art more, seeing that you are human and having a blast sharing their passion even through the live bloopers.

There's not one performer or professional who I've met who hasn't had their fair share of 'oops' performances. Most, have had more than one "that was the worst performance of my career" shows. We've all learned how to deal with these feelings during and after the show from years of teaching ourselves our own "accepting failure" practices.

Failure can be debilitating if you don't learn to accept it and let it go. The little moments turn into big moments and start to pile up. But, this can be avoided. It will take practice. You can and will get there.

Keeping working through what is holding you back so you break the fear of failure cycle and get back to having fun!!

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